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1st off, my abd if people already saw my other post of this under the Channels section for Wii U....completely forgot about this help section, disreguard that 1. Anyway, onto my question as copied and edited a little from the original post:

OK so, the only thing I wanna know ehre, because on Nintendo's site it says both systems need to be connected online....Is this only to DL transfer tools on boh systems, or is it actually required during transfer? Reason I'm asking is because my preference while gaming is to keep each console/machine directly connected to my cable modem 1 at a time, with modem reset when needed. Also, do my Miis get transfered over too, or do i hve to it from Mii maker or whatever? Only other thing I wasn't too sure about was the overall system memory seeings how they only tell you in blocks, and I currently hav a Wii 2GB Sd card, but nothing came with 32GB Wii U bundle. If anyone has any info, leave a reply back. thanks!

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