Topic: Wii U Update install has error, restarts, error code 162-0025?

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So I brough my Wii U about 3 days ago, had problems connecting to the internet so googled and followed the manual connection instructions which finally got me connected to our wifi, since then I have been trying to do the update, it gets so far as downloading the data for the update, starts to install it, I have seen it get to 30% rapidly then it pops up with the error box with the code 162-0025 and says "An error has occurred. The console will now restart. If problems persits please contact your local customer support centre."

I haven't been able to find much online regarding this issue or the error code, a few forum topics but no one had solutions, 2 people said they changed their DNS to the and option and it worked but mine is already set on this. I have tried formatiing incase any download data was still on the console, tried updating again and still got the same error.

It's the weekend here and the call centre is shut so I thought I'd see if anyone had heard of any solution to this as it seems to be an issue that has been around for a while and some one may have a reason/fix for it,

Thank you so much I can't wait to get this wii u up and running wifi issues have been a pain since buying it!

edit: when the error occurs the system restarts and I have to begin the whole process again



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