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I have had my Wii U for about 2 months now, for the first month it connected to MIiverse and Nintendo eshop with no problems. However, now the Wii U win't connect to Nintendo Network at all. However I can still use the Internet browser. Any ideas why this is happening?


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How many times have you tried? I know that half the time I try to use Miiverse, it says the internet's bad, but lets me do the Eshop. It may be server overload. Try at another time.

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?



I have tried at least four times per week, with the times ranging from early morning to late at night.


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Have you looked into port forwarding, static DNS, and the like? It could be a router issue with Nintendo's Network (which looks like the problem if you can still use the browser, but not Nintendo's actual services).

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