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Topic: Wii U Gamepad Too Far Away at 3 Feet?

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When I got my Wii U Deluxe Set around launch time (way back in November 2012), I could wander around anywhere in my dorm room and the Wii U would be able to detect the Gamepad, even through walls and other obstructions.

But the range has drastically decreased since then. In Fall 2013, when I moved in to a house, The Wii U would only detect the Gamepad from about 8 feet away. I could only be in the same room, otherwise I'd lose connection. Now, living in the same house and with no Wi-Fi changes or the like, I literally have to be within 3 feet of the console for it to pick up the Gamepad.

Is there any quick fix to this problem or is this something I'll have to send the Wii U in to Nintendo for? How likely is it that I'll end up getting my same console back (save data and purchases included)?

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