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Hi guys, I need some help. I'm sick and tired because no one seems to know what is wrong with my Wii U.
The story so far:

Recently I bought Injustice: Gods among us and extra content for AC III. When I download the game, it reaches 100%. But upon installing I allways get the same error: 105-3733. Afterwards I can only erace the content/game and start all over. This has been going on for some weeks now. A few months ago, when the first package of extra AC III content was released everything worked OK.
The problem is: the Nintendo online helpdek doesn't recognise this code. When I call them, they tell me they have never heard of this error before. Even the internet doesn't tell me more. I'm tired of calling their expensive 0900-number in Belgium and paying for no help whatsoever. My final option is asking this question on every forum I can think of.

Please help

Kind regards,



It's probably an error message specific to whoever made Injustice. Try contacting them instead of Nintendo.


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