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I am quite new to the world of consoles and in particularly to Nintendo Wii. I just bought a Wii U basic package and following the suggestion of the expert in the shop I also bought the Wii fit plus package that includes the fit board and the software. The expert said that the board is compatible with the Wii U and I do not need any extra controller to use it however each time I try to sync the board with the Wii U console, the board blinks a few second than it goes off, and the Wii U go through the steps of sync a pair remote device forever. My questions are: Is it true that the Wii fit plus is compatible with the Wii U console? Do I need an extra controller to make the broad sync and working?

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All you need is the Balance Board, a Wii/Wii U remote and the Wii Fit game and your set. If it keeps having problems then look it up in the Wii/Wii U manual. Hope I could help and happy holidays.

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You may have to switch to Wii Mode before syncing. Just a thought

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