Topic: Wii Internet fails for 2 days?

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Yesterday I've tried to download the new WiiWare demo(s). But I can't connect to the WiiShop, the Nintendo Channel oder anything else Internet related. Even the connection test fails. I have checked the settings for IP Adresses, Gateway etc. but everything seems to be okay. Obviously with my PC I can still use the Internet, so it can not be due to my router or Internet Provider.

What is happening? The Nintendo Internet connection has never been so long out of service.

Has anyone in germany or elsewhere in Europe the same problem with their Wiis?



I have resolved the problem. It was due to my Access Point. It hanged or crashed after the cleaning lady was there. After resetting it, it works fine again and I can use WiiConnect24 again. Since the Wii is the only device that uses a Wireless connection, I didn't noticed this problem on my other computers.



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