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Ok I have two questions that are confusing me with the wording on the Australian (im putting Australian there incase its different else where)

1: Data cannot be transferred to Paid download and retail versions. Does that include connecting the Wii U Fit Meter and unlocking the full game or is it just saying if you go purchase the game as a full paid download you cannot transfer your unlocked/trial version data to that, but upgrading from trial to full via the trial all your data stays there, im a bit confused with that.

2: Pairing the Wii U Fit Meter within 31 days to unlock full version. Does that mean if you dont sync it within the trial you cannot unlock the full version later or is it just saying you dont have to wait the full 31 days to sync and unlock but you can sync as well after the 31 days

The wording is confusing and if anybody knows the current answer could you please post it




Firstly, this could've gone in the Wii Fit U thread in the Wii U forum, as multiple people are wondering the same thing. Nobody really knows the answers to these questions yet, since Nintendo haven't clarified it. My impression is that after your 31 day trial is up and you don't sync a Fit Meter, you have to buy the game. Although it may just stop working after 31 days, but you can still sync a Fit Meter to unlock the game. If you're worried about not getting a Fit Meter in time, I'd suggest not using the trial until a month before you can get one.

Regarding the data transfer, I'm fairly certain you keep your data when upgrading from the trial, it's only the paid version that doesn't sync your data, since it's a separate download (or disc.)


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