Topic: Wii fit says you’re overweight after aging a year?

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I have no idea if anyone out there is asking questions about Wii fit anymore but I’m trying to find an answer...

I use Wii fit plus and just recently after playing for a few months the game suddenly says I’m overweight- and this only started after my birthday a few days ago I think. I turned 20, and the game now says that all my body tests from now until I started playing on this console are “overweight” when previously it said I was at a healthy weight! It really looks like it jumped up a lot so i was confused.

I thought it was a bug but seeing when it changed, I’m wondering if it had to do with my age?



Might want to lay off of those fried foods and in between meal snacks.

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Typically as you get into an older age bracket your fitness standards are relaxed some. I don’t know why it would say you’re over weight now.



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