Topic: Why won't my joy con switch on?

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I was playing Mario Kart two player with the individual joy cons when suddenly the right one disconnected mid-game and has been unresponsive ever since. There's no light on it and nothing I have tried has made the lights go on at all.
It's not a sync issue as I have tried pressing the little sync button on the joy con at the right time. I can't disconnect and reconnect the pair because when I attach the joy con to the screen it isn't recognised at all because it's permanently switched off, and you can't unpair the joy cons unless you attach them in the first place.
It's not out of charge because I connected it back on to the screen and charged it for a few hours, but this didn't work because the screen isn't recognising that the joy con is attached therefore it couldn't charge up.
There's no lights switching on on the controller, the screen isn't recognising that it is attached and thinks that only the left one is connected, so it can't charge and can't sync or unsync. It is completely dead all of a sudden.
Anyone know what has happened?



This is a common problem with the right Joy-Con. Try and call Nintendo support to get a replacement.

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