Topic: why are some gamecube game cases purple?

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Yeah I am thinking it is a PAL thing. I live in NA and I have never seen a purple Gamecube case. Even when I go to my local retro game stores all I have ever seen is black cases for the GC. That's interesting though. Can another other PAL region players confirm this?

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Well, my copies of Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly, Pokémon XD and Animal Crossing all have black cases, and they're PAL copies.

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Zelda Collectors Edition and Super Mario Sunshine for me both have purple cases. All the others are black or Silver.

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I have the awnser

In europe a few games came with a diffrent color case. Mostley because it was the first run of the release, i have listed the ones i know of below
Game - Color - More info
Mario Sunshine - Purple - The first run - There are copies with normal black cases but if you bought it at release it should be purple
Mario Kart Double Dash - Red - The first run - There are copies with normal black cases but if you bought it at release it should be red
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker CE - Gold - This is the version with Ocarina of Time can be found in black but if you bought it on release you should have gold
Gamecube instore demos 1-8 - Purple - These cant be bought but the first 8 of total 19 came in a purple case without a cover image
Players Choices - Silver - Every PC had a silver case but we all know this ^^

Because i got my version of Zelda Collectors Edition from the Star Catalogue i have a black pal one so why that one is purple i dont know? Maybe some one changed it to purple? In my opnion it should have had a silver one So basicly if you have a different color its one of the first in release.

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