Topic: Where can I find Wii Manuals?

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I decided to bust out New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis the other day and found out that the manual for the game is missing. I know it's not too big of a deal, but I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my game collection. I have to have the original game case and manual. I check on to see if I could buy one, but they didn't have it.
So does anyone know where I can find a physical instructional booklet for NPC Mario Power Tennis?


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other than purchasing another copy of the game or tearing your house up looking for your own manual? not really. you could always try printing off the PDF version of the manual if you just need something in your game case, or you could also try contacting Nintendo proper to see if they've got replacement manuals available for sale that aren't listed on their online store :3

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okay I'll try contacting Nintendo. Maybe this can put my OCD to rest. lol


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You can check around eBay, there's some sellers who specialize in selling original game cases and manuals (sans game)...

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