Topic: What happened to 4 Word Story?

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I've been searching for it through the forums, but I can't find it... What happened?

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I don't think Tails or anyone else has started it yet, the old 4 word story was removed because 3 word story existed, now that it doesn't I don't imagine it will be a problem anymore.

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It sucked hard maaan!



3 word story has turned into 5+ boring unrelated words no person should waste their time reading/adding to anyway, or rather has been since its first page. Honestly, its death (4 word) was well-deserved.

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for now guys lets just not have a story for now i'm waiting for the permission from the mods for me to make another so sorry to say but for now there won't be anymore 3 or 4 or 5 word storys for now till i hear back from one of the mods saying its okay to put it back up again k?

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The 3-word story was ok at first and was very funny when Brutus (I think) molded all the jibberish together to make a coherent story, but c'mon it reached the peak of overkill, is it not better to let a dead dog lie?


I'd love a communal story of some sorts, I use to love doing those at school, though it's easier to control with a piece of paper being passed about. I wish I had seen this re-structuring you mentioned Stevie, doh! It just become a spam-fest unfortunately, I'd often tailor an awesome continuation only to find someone had beaten me to it with some junk that made no sense, so i gave up. If everybody limited them self to one post a day, instead of it being a race, it'd be great. But the chances of that happening are slim, so I'd rather not see it reborn.

Why don't you all set up a Tinychat chatroom then you can go mad with 3 word fun, without denting NL's server.



I guess too many people got tired of the # word story threads

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