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I was logging in to nl when for no apparent reason a page popped up, and on the top of the page near the x button where it tells whats on the page it said, "Nintendo Life-Login Developer Tools" or something like that. I closed it out, but i don't know what it was and don't think it was supposed to do that so, yeah.

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O_O First off, I've never seen you before (or perhaps I don't recognize the monotone avatar) but welcome to nintendolife! But it sounds like you were the chosen one. Given unto you was the power of control to a website of epicness.....too bad you threw it all away with the click of a button

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Actually, i've been here since about september, I never noticed u either, but I still don't know what that was. Your right, I wish I hadn't clicked that button, that would have truly been epic. Of course, something bad probably would've happened if I didn't click it.

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i've forwarded the link to this thread on to Ant, nintendograbber. thanks for the heads-up. :3

future of NL >:3
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@nintendograbber, thanks for the heads up but it's not something that I'm aware of - I can't remember putting anything in the code that states "developer tools" - sure it wasn't the browser appending that title?

Either way, if you manage to see it again please take a screenshot and let us know! Cheers

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