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Naturally I'll start this topic off with a picture to set the mood, which will likely go downhill in a hurry. lol

Now sure it's not funny and one of the more disappointing lolcat pictures but none of the cute ones would have made sense. lol

On to the topic!

Anyone else see this Goodbye thread (link here a lovely ex-member posted yesterday?

Well supposedly 212 people saw it, but 110 of that is just me clicking refresh. lol

Anyway, the original post is sumpthin'. In a nicely written way, it criticizes the site and makes himself out to be as if his time is more valuable than can possibly be spent on here any longer.

Some of us saw that and weren't just puzzled by the articulate way in which he criticized us all.

So my post is as follows:

Me wrote:

These threads are always head scratchers

You've decided you're leaving, and that being on here is a waste of time, but you're prolonging your time here by making a thread about it?

And as a little parting gift you're giving us the honor of asking you some "general questions or problems" about whatever?

What are you the great penguin, Lovelace off Happy Feet?

I question the intention of the thread and make a comical allusion to a cute lil' lovable movie.

No harm done, right?

ThatOtherGuy wrote:

Well, aren't you a lovely little bit of worthlessness, AlexSays.
Attempting to communicate with a creature such as you is an even greater waste. Nearly everything you do in life is a waste.
I hope you die alone and afraid, AlexSays.

Now sure that kinda stuff doesn't bother me. Crazy random internet guy that knows nothing about me and has a Raskolnikov complex has never phased me. lol (Here you go, for some of the lesser literary mods - did I mention this thread is directed towards the staff?)

The problem lies HERE! Actually down there a bit...

Prosody wrote:

I'm sorry to see you leave PuppetMasterKuruku, but even more sorry that some of our established members felt it necessary to respond with such a lack of civility and general decency. Guys, just because someone's leaving doesn't give you free reign to insult them - get your heads screwed on right.

Can someone from the staff explain this to me? Actually I'll be specific for everyone's benefit.

(1) Who insulted the topic creator, and what was the insult? (2) How was what the topic creator said not deemed offensive?

Now let me add this is in no way an attack on Prosody or any individual moderator or staff member. Prosody seems like a lovable guy to those he likes and I'd sit down and play a lil parchisi with him anytime.

This is, rather, a thread that can help me determine what you guys deem offensive, so I can try my very best to abide by the community rules and stay a Nintendolife member.

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I dunno what the deal was with that thread (i knew i should've stayed awake straight through before work, lol), but if ever you have a question for the staff (especially about matters of administration/moderation), the contact form is what you want to use, not a post on the forums. Thanks for understanding. :3
I'm'a lock this now; if an admin or someone who was there for the drama last night wants to unlock and respond publicly, whatev'

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future of NL >:3
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Hey AlexSays, thanks for making this thread and bringing this to my attention.

I'll be honest - I didn't see that particular comment from PMK, so I apologise that my response seemed heavy-handed and off the mark. The insult to which I refer was FATEM's "I don't think anyone in this thread ordered the prententious douche" (ignore the misspelling of "pretentious", of course), which as a parting shot was cheap and unnecessary.

So there we go. That's the end of that chapter.


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