Topic: Upgrade to Wii Fit Plus resulted in data problems.

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We just recently upgraded to Wii Fit Plus and now are finding we have data problems. Interestingly enough, my wife's data shows up if we enter the program through the Wii Fit Plus icon. If we start from the Wii Fit Channel my current data shows up. The past data for both of us shows up in both cases. Only the current (post upgrade) data is missing depending on how we enter the program. Did I miss something in the conversion? How can I correct this problem? It wouldn't be a great loss to delete past data and start over if that is what has to be done.

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I haven't actually got Wii Fit Plus yet, but I'll take a punt at a solution. Does the Wii Fit Channel also need updating for Plus? Have a look around in the options (in Wii Fit Plus) for a channel update option. Asides that, I can't really offer much help. Someone else probably will though.


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Trash the Wii Fit Channel and install the Wii Fit Plus Channel -- it should have prompted you to do that when it first started, though that would have meant quitting out and going to the settings menu, so I could see skipping that just to get on with things.

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