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Where can I find a feature that will enable you to see anywhere in any stage on Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Example: Bridge of Eldin

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You'll need to use the homebrew channel and hacks to do that, unfortunately. There's no legitimate way to do it.


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Interestingly, without the hack, you could use only the Warpstar item. If you go up into the air, quickly pause and the camera will be zoomed out a bit much. Then you could see left or right on the stage a bit more. Try it.

EDIT: Guys, yes, it is a hack, but this person is only just wondering where he could find the feature to look around on a stage. He's only just asking and wondering where to find it, that's all.

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That'd be cool to have, but I will not hack.

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Hacks only, buddy.

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we aren't supposed to be talking about homebrew here, dewds >:{


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