Topic: Universal charger or USB charger for the DSi XL?

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Hi, I have a doubt and was wondering if any of you guys can help.

I live in Brazil and have a 110v AC charger for my DSi XL, but now I'm moving to Spain and the current there is 220v. I was considering buying an universal charger (100v-240v) but then I came across an USB charger, which seems to be a simpler solution for the problem, since I could just plug it on my laptop regardless of the voltage.

Which one do you guys recommend? Does the USB charger take longer to recharge the DSi and/or have any negative impact on the lifespan of the battery?




Pretty certain USB charging takes a helluva lot longer than charging from the mains, due to a low power outage, but don't quote me on that. It shouldn't have any negative impact on the battery though. Why not just buy a local charger once you've moved over there?


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Thanks, Raylax. I guess I'll do what you've suggested, even though the USB charger is very tempting!



I use a universal charger and it works like a charm. Go for it.

EDIT: Oh, be careful about socket shapes. You may want to bring adapters if they use a different socket shape. In Spain, they use the following:

Type C

Type F

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Wow, thanks HolyMackerel! Your post was very clarifying! I've been told that these adapters are quite easy to find on electronics shops over there. Thanks.



When I got my DSi, I too was tempted by the USB and even retractable USB chargers. But when my lightly-used DSi arrived, it included an AC, and DC (car ) charger. It also came with screen protectors, bonus styli, game case, and the promotional 1000 DSi points! It was then, I learned to be content with what little I had.

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Plug adapters are cheap, voltage converters, which you will also need are not. The DSi is the only electronic device out there now that's not universal it seems. I got a USB charger from Playasia when I was in China, and it was perfect. It only cost $5, and my computer adapter works with any voltage. Now that I'm back in the US I still use it a lot. It charges the battery about as quickly as a regular charger. If you have an iPod you can use the plug chargers with it to charge from a wall socket too (also universal voltage). You might need to pick up a plug adapter for that, but you can get those very cheaply once you're there.

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