Topic: Traveling to Chile... any good gaming shop?

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Hi, by middle October I'll be making a trip to Chile and was wondering whether there is or not a good shop to buy Nintendo stuff.

Also, does Chile use the same system as the united States? Please help!!



I would imagine that any Nintendo merchandise in South America would be imported from North America (and be considerably more expensive due to local taxes). I would suggest importing or taking any devices and peripherals that you may need to Chile rather than try hunting for them there.

I'm in Turkey at the moment, and Nintendo has absolutely zero retail presence here whatsoever (from what I have seen). There was one supermarket/Walmart style store that had some really bad Nintendo DS and even a few GBA shovelware titles still sitting on one of the shelves, and they weren't particularly cheap either. In Australia (which is where I'm from) retailers will flog off poorly-selling games for $5 and I've even seen them go for as little as 50 cents.

Sony and Microsoft systems and games (as well as PC games) are readily available, but they are considerably more expensive than Western markets, and most people generally go to internet cafes for their gaming fix (some of which have Playstation units). I swould suggest sticking to buying games directly from the eShop if you cannot import games in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


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