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So I updated my switch recently and after it shut down it wouldnt turn back on automatically.
So after a while I tried to turn it on myself and the screen stayed black.
The switch was docked while updating (to the 1st party nintendo switch dock, I never used a 3rd party dock)

Only when I hold the power botton for 12 sec and than press again, the screen shows me the nintendo logo for 2 sec but turns black again and nothing else happens. That is the only thing that the switch displays, no batery symbol when I plug it in or any other indications.

If somebody has a solution i would appreciate it very much, but from what i have read online, nothing seemed to work so I think i need to send it back to the retailer.



Contact Nintendo

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@1UP_MARIO where can I contact them? Do they have an email where they also write back, I only found somthing where i can write a complaint and they try to fix the problem for the system, but won't write back to my specific problem.



You should find all the information on I can't give you any address or phone numbers as they differ between countries.


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