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Okay so I beaten about seven levels and got the normal ending defeating Andross and now that the game resets from first, How am I suppose to play the other levels and get the best ending? Should I do it in the 3DS Mode or can I still do it in the N64 mode?

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You can play on either mode. A lot of the levels have different exits available. For example, Corneria can go to the Asteroid Field or Sector Y. There are multiple ways to get to the real Andross. You can go from Corneria, Sector Y, Aquas, Zoness, Sector Z, Area 6 and Venom. You could also go Corneria, Asteroid Field, Finchina, Solar, Macbeth, Area 6 and Venom. Those are the two main routes that I use to get to Andross but there are other ways. The main thing you want to remember is you have to go through Area 6 in order to fight the real Andross.

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