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Wondering if anyone can help me on this one. For weeks now when my computer goes into sleep mode or I play something in Fullscreen mode like World of Warcraft, when I close out the program or wake my computer from sleep mode my Desktop along with all the icons seems to have shift to the left about six inches to where I have black running down the right side of my screen and all my Icons and the start menu is cut off.

The only way I have found that I could fix it is if I restart my computer than the desktop imagine and everything will be back to normal. I have automatic updates for my video drivers so they are all up to date. I tried moving the desktop but it wont move its almost like its out of alignment.

So I was wondering if there is anything else I might do to be able to fix it.

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I've never heard of that problem - sorry.
If your computer is really old though you can expect random problems.
Mine has many of its own 'quirks'.

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Really trying to think of a few more possibilities.
The video card driver was my first thought, but those are already up to date...
Maybe it's the monitor itself for some reason or another.
Check if your resolution and the like seem to be set correctly for that monitor as well.

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