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People keep telling me to post my video in a "signature" area.
What is this and where am I going to find it?

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At the top of the screen, when you're logged in, you'll see your user icon, your username, and below them some links, the first of which will be 'Edit Profile'. Click that link, and you're taken to where you can edit your user profile — at the bottom of that first tab will be a 'forum signature' box. that's your 'signature'.

future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
[16:44] LztheBlehBird: James doesn't know the rules? For shame!!!
[16:44] Vintage: We have rules?
[16:44] Reala: don't expose the staff to sunlight, don't get them wet and don't feed them after midnight

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Thanks! Check out my channel in the signature area.

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