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It's way too long.



And me. Its 14+ lines long. Keep it below 5 please.

[21:14] pixelman: I blame fheblackdragon
[21:15] pixelman: That's not an f by the way, it's a fancy t.
[21:15] Objection: Tales of Graces "fancy t"
[21:15] Objection: Tinal Tantasy
[21:15] theblackdragon: lol OB
[21:15] pixelman: OB knows what he's asking about.
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Also says Prosody, the one that tried to make it smaller.

He didn't tell those whose signatures he shortened though, for some reason.



Odnetnin wrote:

Prosody, Dazza, Corbie, anyone: Did someone slightly alter my signature because they deemed it too long? If so I'll keep it that way. Inform me either way, please.

Yep, I did. Even without the line breaks it's still too long. If you could trim it down a tad that'd be great.

I actually only changed yours and did intend to get in touch with you, but for whatever reason (it was a few days ago and my memory's awful) I didn't - apologies for not informing you, Odnetnin. Won't happen again.



You must have loads fun changing stuff and then 'accidentally forgetting' .



I'm so damned tempted to edit that but I'll play nicely instead.

Truth be told I'm a horrible moderator - I simply edit stuff for fun half the time. If it didn't come up with my name as the editor of others' posts, I can promise you I'd have probably edited 90% of the posts I read to say something like "yes, but it's not as good as Shining Force, is it?"

Time to get to work!



Ya know, I use the site in my sig so I don't have all that junk all over my sig. If people want to know I direct them there.

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You can edit my minor error in the last post if you want, I can't be bothered.

But seriously, I'll be keeping an eye out from now on that's for sure.



I should learn to be less dry online as it never goes over well. I'll never learn, though.

Whenever I do edit something, it's always up there in black and white and I do try to explain why I've edited something in the actual post itself. With Odnetnin's signature I didn't alter any words or content, just removed some line breaks, but if I edit comments/posts I try to mention why. But sure, if I get something wrong, pull me up on it - I like to consider myself reasonably lenient in most regards but if I act too harshly just tell me. Then I'll ban you.



LOL.....James you are truly a funny guy.

And I didn't edit your signature topic creator. I've seen much longer sigs than that.

Edited on by Corbs

Plain old gamer :)


I have to say, I have no idea whether you're being sarcastic or not. But I'll assume you're not and bask in the warm glow of a richly-deserved compliment!

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Prosody wrote:

Whenever I do edit something, it's always up there in black and white and I do try to explain why I've edited something in the actual post itself.

I prefer stealth, but then that bloody "Last edited by" message gives it away -- any way I can edit that?

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