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I was recently wondering if I should upgrade my Old Nintendo 3DS XL. Now, before you tell me, "There's barely no difference between the two" and so on. Honestly, my current 3DS is sort of broken, as the rubber part on the circle pad has come off, so it's very hard to control. In addition, the L and the R buttons get stuck very often. On occasion, some of my game cards will also not work in the reader and I have to deep clean them.

Sometimes when I play games on this 3DS it will just randomly crash. It has been very annoying, but I am dealing with it. I think upgrading would be a good idea also because it wouldn't be a deformed 3DS unlike mine. However, I don't think my parents would allow me to upgrade from this 3DS because they would say I already have one, and I don't need another. It doesn't help that the new one is also very expensive.

So, 1) Should I upgrade? and 2) How could I convince my parents to upgrade?

I don't think I could trade it in or something because like I said before it's somewhat broken.



How old are you ?
Are your parents understand about gaming world or least not closed minded about gaming world ?

If you are still a student, tell to your parents about the benefit of New 3DS XL. Maybe by do some their favor, some nice talking about interesting 3DS games, and if your parents open minded enough + have an interest with video games, your parents might allow you to get New 3DS XL.

But... it back on your habit how do you treat your 3DS. What kind of games do you play ? Does that games require a lot of movement that can damage the buttons ? Have your 3DS ever accidentally fell down ? Did you store your 3DS carts tidily ?

But if your parents allow you to buy as long with your own money, better find part time job while try to fix your old 3DS to your friends or people that can help you.

Btw, I want to add. My Analog button cap for older 3DS XL has broken but only on the top, so I still can use the analog button without the cap. My older 3DS XL still okay for almost 4 years and I have never encountered with crash, except I accidentally pull out the cart while still being played. Because I have a job and get enough budget, I owned New 3DS XL Pearl White, so I have two 3DS XL (Old + New model).

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Look for a used one in good condition on EBay.

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@Cloverlord62 Couldn't you just save up the money yourself? It could take a while but you could at least split the price with your parents when your birthday comes around.
If you have any digital games you could tell them that if your 3DS dies you'll lose those games forever! A bit of drama can help in these situations...

I usually write WAAAAY TOO MUCH! I'll apologise now in advance.



I'm 14.

My parents understand about gaming, my dad plays Mario kart with me a lot and my mom sometimes plays Kirby games with me.

Actually, my brother was the one that took the circle pad off. When he was 4 he chewed it off, and while he did that I was busy doing homework & didn't notice until I tried to play on the 3DS when I finished my homework. My parents didn't find out until later. I am allowed to do chores to earn money so I could possibly save up for a New 3DS?

Also I have dropped it once or twice, but it was on a carpet.



@Cloverlord62 It seems to me your first question is already answered, so good luck with the second one!

Do you care much about the 3D effect? The new 2DS xl is coming out soon and is a fair bit cheaper than the New 3DS xl. That could be a great option for you.

I actually just ordered a New 3DS xl to upgrade from my original 3DS xl. Even though my current 3DS is still working perfectly, I figured at some point it will start to have issues and I don't want to lose access to my pretty big library of 3DS games. When I saw great offer on a New 3DS XL galaxy edition I decided to go for it.



If your parents won't buy you one, the only thing that I can suggest is that you save up for one yourself (or split the cost, as another suggested). The New 3DS XL is the premium option right now, but if you don't care about the 3D, the New 2DS XL comes out at the end of this month and retails for roughly $150.

It might not hurt to shop around for a cheaper used system either. Just beware that this can be a bit of a roulette depending on your luck. Nintendo does sell refurbished systems, so they would at least be a reliable option.

You may also want to wait until around the holidays. Typically there are some systems/bundles that show up at decent prices, but you'll have to be quick.

Don't give up! The first Nintendo system that I bought for myself (Game Boy Advance SP) was won with birthday, Christmas, and chore money.

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Buy a new 2DS XL because its cheaper and you don't need the 3D anyways. Tell your parents its broken and show them.

Another good option is buying a refurbished Nintendo 3DS/2DS of any stripe from their online store as they are very good working condition and pretty cheap.


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If money is not a problem - go for it !

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