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Hi there everyone I've been gaming all my life but just getting back to basics with the Wii since Ive never really played one and own two.

Anyway, my one Wii is toast the disk reader is gone but I can still play and download games. I have another brand new one and would like to transfer the games to my new one. I just learned today that you can use a SD card to now download and store your games on. I bought a new 4 gig card and tested the move with Mario world. Success!! Now I tried to move the game onto the new console and it wont let me.

AM I missing steps to this or are you just not allowed still to move your games onto a new console?? Thx for your replies in advance



@Gunblade: You can't transfer downloadable games from Wii to Wii like that. Since your old Wii is toast, you may be able to send it and your new Wii in to Nintendo and they can make the switch for you, but you can't do it from your end. Try contacting Nintendo proper to see if you can work something out.

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