Topic: Screen lag issues and picture glitching: wii u controller.

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I need help urgently, I am using a CRT tv and my Wii U gamepad is lagging and it is greatly annoying me as I only just set up my Wii U after getting it for Xmas.
I have a LG CRT Flatron Model No. RT-29FA33RQ and yes I realise it is not HD but this is ridiculous, I have tried everything to stop this lag, from swtiching the
the TURBO picture mode on (which is meant to help speed the display up) to changing the setting of the tv to Game. I realise there is lag and the gamepad is faster, but this shouldn't be happening. I do have a question though, I am currently using my Wii's component cable and I was wondering because my tv has extra coloured AV plugs (green, blue, red component) should I buy one of those boxed official Nintendo component cables meant for showing better picture quality on LCD/Plasmas tvs? If anyone has had this problem with playing on a CRT and you have fixed the lag issue somehow, then please let me know, it would help me greatly.

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