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I've been thinking of getting myself a good cartridge holder since me and my son tend to swap games a lot I think that it would just be easier to have all the cartridges in one case. I always like used HORI stuff for my different Nintendo accessories but it seems that people think that it holds the cartridges to hard and that you get the feeling that it will damage the cartridge. Can someone recommend me a good game card case?



I have been using the Hori case for a while and yeah it does seem a bit on the tight side, but I haven't had any issues with it.

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I use the Hori case personally with no issues. I do think it's loosened up significantly since I got it, though I might just have gotten used to it? In any case, I highly doubt it would damage the cards.



Always the Best choice for store your 3DS / NDS & Switch cartridges.

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