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I plan on making videos again but I have the no audio output device message (Sometimes) I don't really need a fix but I just need someone to tell why is it doing this? Before any of you say it I will say that going to hp and downloading the drivers do not work. Neither does reinstalling the drivers.

Sometimes the sound will work for like an hour or so then it would stop working. If I am lucky it will come back on later but most of the times it just stops. When I restart it I get the no audio output device is installed message. Then after a couple of restarts, it will come on then stop again like before. Why is it doing this? Does it have something to do with faulty hardware or is it because of Vista? Thanks in advanced. (Here is my laptop info if it matters)

Windows Vista 32 bit Home Basic SP2
Conexant High Definition Smart Audio 221
HP Compaq Presario F763NR

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