Topic: Reaction time slow on New Super Mario Bros for Wii?

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Is this just the game, or is there a setting somewhere (wii, tv, ??) that I can change to make my character's reaction immediate (like the DS game)? Other games seem to have normal reaction times, but I haven't yet tried something that needs super quick reaction like Mario does.

I didn't notice delayed reaction when I first played it (maybe I wasn't paying much attention to that while exploring at first), but since I've switched the Wii to our new television (LCD/flat/etc etc) I have noticed a delay.

Ideas? Suggestions?



if you didn't have problems before on a SD TV but are having problems now on an HD TV, try changing your settings (go into the Wii Menu, Wii Settings, Screen, TV Resolution, change it to 'EDTV or HDTV'). If that isn't enough to help with the lag, you may need to change your cables from composite to component ones (provided you're still using the normal red-yellow-white composite cables to connect your Wii to your new TV in the first place :3).

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Thanks so much ... I'll give those ideas a try!



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