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how do i start a conversation?



Uh, what? You can just go into the threads and discuss, if that's what you're asking.

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I try to find something in common with the other person, and then if there's chemistry everything else will just come naturally.

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Try asking about the weather. Always works.

The conversation may get awkward after that though.

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if it's with a complete stranger come saying weird stuff and hope the other person laughs if it fails you say "heck, guess I should give up on comedy...."
or you could do like a kid and say "let's be friends" it always works
your best chance is to start saying "hi, how are you?" and asking not so direct and not so personal questions to keep the talk long!

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Kirby3ds wrote:

how do i start a conversation?

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It's actually quite easy. First, find a suitable partner. Then, do extensive, extensive, EXTENSIVE background research on said person. Find out every detail of their life. Then, cut off the skin of one of their loved ones and fashion a skin-suit out of it, and wear them like a mask. It can be a mother, sibling, friend, lover, et cetera. Using your knowledge on your partner, pretend to be that person and strike up a conversation. VOILA! Quest is no longer on.



You think of a few words to say, say them, and hope people will respond

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Say you look good as my blue fin....thats how i get all the hot mudkips..may work for you.

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Another good way to start a conversation is by stealing their dog or cat. When they put up posters, you call them and say, "I found your pet". Then tell them to come to your house to get their pet because you don't have a car. When they arrive knock them out with a brick and then cook their pet in a pot and make a delicious stew. They'll wake up hours later in your house, you say that somebody hit them on the head from behind and ran, but you don't have a phone so you took care of them yourself. They'll probably be hungry by this time. Give them some stew. When they ask what the stew is, tell them that it is their pet. A good conversation will surely start after that!

Also, if they don't have a pet, younger siblings work just fine instead...

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