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So, recently I was reading an article trying to find out about prepaid cards for Wii U eShop, and came to find out eventually we'll be getting basically, eShop prepid cards. However, this same source I found this on, claims that the eShop for both 3DS and Wii U use a unified cash system. Well, my club Nintendo acct is linked on both my 3DS and Wii U, so if this is indeed the case, then why does my Wii U balance read $0.00 while my 3DS balance read $6.72? My PlayStation 3 and PS Vita are more unified than this, as nothing really needed to be linked, just asks for your PSN acct log-in info. I'm not certain whether or not our stores have even received the new cards yet, so I haven't used an eShop prepaid card, just been using the 3DS cards, nothing for my Wii U yet. Do I need to purchase the proper card 1st? Is this something they're going to update soon? if anyone has any info, leave a reply back. Thanks!

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