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I am aware of all the rooms to get 200.6% completion in the original version of Symphony of the Night. There are four very tricky map squares in the inverse caverns that require swimming (press Triangle) as the wolf to reach,

In the Sega Saturn version, the wolf lost its ability to swim, and so they removed the map spaces that required it. However, with skillful running jumps from the ramps of the cavern floor, I have managed to propel the wolf high enough to uncover these spaces even without swimming. The map just shows a white square in these spaces, but it adds .1 of a percent anyway.
Except, I have managed to reach only three of these spaces! I need just the last one to uncover every square in this game that was previously possible in the original version. Is it at all possible to get this last one without the ability to swim?

Here are some images to show what I'm talking about:
Original map (on PSP version)
Saturn version map:
The space I want to reach:



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