Topic: Ps4 or Wii U?

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Playstation 4

    • Positives
  • Excellent first party titles
  • Will get amazing 3rd party support
  • Fantastic online service
  • Very powerful
  • Blu-ray player
    • Negatives
  • Not backwards compatible
  • Paid online pay (About $5 a month)
  • More expensive than Wii U

Wii U

    • Positives
  • Will likely have Nintendo's usual superb first-party lineup
  • Will get some good 3rd party exclusives later in life
  • Cheaper (Spend the extra $50 for the deluxe though)
  • Online is free
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Wii U Gamepad may offer unique gameplay (Not enough games right now, it's full potential remains to be seen)
    • Negatives
  • Unlikely to get any PS4/X1 multiplats
  • Online system is lacking in comparison to Microsoft's and Sony's services (Albeit it is free)
  • Hardware is quite weak (Not as big of a gap as Wii - PS3/360, but still quite large)
  • Doesn't have any CD/DVD/Blu-ray support

Personally, though I know it isn't an option for everyone, but I would say just get both. If you can't, or it would be later in the generation if you did, I would just get whatever one has the games you personally enjoy more.

P.S.: Tales of Xillia is on PS3, not PS4.

Edit: Added in non-game disc support.

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I don't own a Wii U, but every time I deviated from a Nintendo console, there was a huge hole in my life in the form of Zelda. I always ended up with the Nintendo console in addition to the other company's console, so after PS2, I gave up and have strictly been a Nintendo man, and I have had no desire to deviate from that. I plan on buying a Wii U at some point this year.

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Wii U. Hands Down. Sure third party is lacking so far, but with many First party games coming later in the year with potential, Wii U will bounce back.

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ngamer155 wrote:

Wii U. Hands Down. Sure third party is lacking so far, but with many First party games coming later in the year with potential, Wii U will bounce back.

Like the Wii did?


Great breakdown of the two. Not sure online being free is such a big deal if the service can't keep up to live or PSN.


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I can't justify purchasing a Wii U over a PS4.

Sony published the most exclusives last gen. The system will receive nearly all multiplatform games. The library will be considerably larger. I'll likely purchase a Wii U in a few years when the price has dropped and the console has a somewhat decent library.

Besides, now with Smash Bros coming to the 3DS, I can play nearly every big Nintendo series on that instead.



I always have to laugh a little when people say you get free games with Playstation Plus. You aren't getting anything free, you're just paying to rent the games for a certain amount of time.

As for me, the PS4 doesn't really have any games that interest me at this point. I may pick one up at the end of its lifespan, but the Wii U is all I need for now. The moral of the story is to just get what interests you, plain and simple.

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Great list you got there 8BitSamurai; I agree with you, a lot.

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If you like all Nintendo games and don't care about lack of third party support then Wii U. If you care about third party titles PS4. Personally I can't go for Wii U because the only Nintendo games I like are the platformers and fire emblem (and pokemon which only comes in handhelds), don't like Zelda, Pikmin ect. So the Wii U just won' t get enough games for me to justify a buying one.

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