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I have a LG42LA 660s-ZA smart TV which I have been using without any problems.
I have just purchased a new WiiU 2 weeks ago, which I am using to play games without any problems. I am using the boxed HDMI cable to connect to my TV, and home wifi for internet connection (TV and WiiU are on the same wifi connection). However, when I turn the console off (and game pad off) and turn the TV to antenna mode to watch TV programmes, I am having these episodes where the TV screen turns black and displays signal is off - this lasts for about 3 seconds and then TV resumes to normal.
Is there something which I can do to fix the problem. I have read in some forums that it may be due to some interference or because of the HDMI cable. But can still this happen if the WiiU is turned off (but still plugged to the power mains i.e. red LED on WiiU consle is on)? Can it be because the console is still connected to wifi? Shall I try the TV disconnecting the HDMI cable and turning the console mains power to off?



Is SIMPLINK turned on? If so i'd try to turn it off and see if that helps.
That's the only idea i have outside of the usual "is the cable fully plugged in both devices?" and "have you tried a different HDMI cable yet?".

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