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So I am not sure if this is happening to anyone else but for the past month or so I have been having problems with Firefox whenever I visit NL on it. Sometimes it loads really really slow other times it will completely freeze up the browser to the fact where it's nothing but a blank page. Well as of today I can't even use Firefox anymore due to Nintendolife being my home page for it. Whenever I open the browser it just freezes up. I don't have this problem with Chrome and if I am able to navigate to another site with Firefox it everything runs fine. Not sure if its cause of the adds on NL or what. What's odd as well is I dont have this problem when I am on Pushsquare or PureXbox it's only Nintendolife.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes... I think it has to do with the video ads. When I stop them Firefox suddenly becomes functional.

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Thanks guys, I need to report this to our ad partners.

Do either of you have any screenshots of the offending ads?


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@antdickens: I would have a screen shot but now whenever I open up Firefox I just get a white screen and the mouse pointer becomes a loading circle emblem. I went away for 10 minutes came back and it was still the same. As I said Nintendolife is my homepage on Firefox so all I can do is ctrl alt delete to get out of Firefox. Nothing else. For now I am using Chrome and I am not having any problems.

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