Topic: Possible to Transfer Saved VC/WiiWare Games to Other Wii?

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Hi I'm trying to find out if it's possible to transfer my Virtual Console and WiiWare games to my other Wii or Wii U. Now I know you can do this with the Wii U i(this is the reason I'm trying to find this out) but unfortunately my first Wii has been broken for some time. About 2 years ago the system stopped playing disc games and had to go and buy a new Wii which I'm still using today. Now I kept the old one since it had tons and tons of download stuff that all worked on it. However lately I've been trying to get my original Wii on and it's completely broken now. I turn it on and it sounds like it's going to work but all I get is a black screen and I can't connect any Wii remotes to it, although my TV shows I am getting visual input from it so I don't know what's wrong with it now. Most of the downloads I have are all on my SD card, but I can't run them on my other Wii for obvious reasons. Is it possible for me to transfer all of these download games from my original Wii and it's SD card to another Wii or to a Wii U or would I have to get my system repaired to access my download stuff ever again?



If you just had the broken Wii you'd have to pay for the repair to be able to transfer them to the Wii U, but I know some people were able to get their games transferred from a broken Wii to another Wii if they sent their systems into Nintendo — not sure if there's a charge for that or if you'd just have to pay shipping, but it might be a cheaper alternative than paying for the repair. You should call Nintendo.

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