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I don't think there's anything anyone here can do about this, but it's still kinda interesting. I tried going on NLife this morning, and I got the "server has dropped the connection, try again later" standard message that is usually code for "The Great Firewall of China has blocked this site." I couldn't see any reason why NLife would be blocked, so I tried again just now. I didn't believe that your silky smooth new server was already having issues this major, so I tried through my VPN, and lo and behold the site worked just fine.

Bottom line, I don't know what you did, but something has pissed of the Chinese Secret Internet Police. Congratulations. You have joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter and the end result is I will probably be a lot more productive.

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It says your from the United States. Are you an Army man's daughter who got shipped to China for illegal street racing in America?
But seriously, are you in China or are you on China's internet from the US. I'm rather slow, sorry.

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Does NL even have many Chinese users in the first place? based on peoples flags they seem to be exclusively from the Americas and Europe as far as I can tell.

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I'm in China, that's how I know. I'm from the States though, so that's what my flag probably is most of the time. I don't think there are any Chinese users (except me, I guess), that's why it seems really weird that they would bother to block it. I can't really think what would be on here that they wouldn't want Chinese people to see. Nintendo isn't even really popular here.

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I am way too lazy to think of something clever.
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Maybe thats the reason there aren't any Chinese users.



It's probably there whole "censorship" issue that they have, and they might think that NintendoLife may shed some of the facts that the Chinese officials don't want to get out!


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i know there have been a couple spam-ish posts by Chinese sellers of accessories that were deleted (probably because they also sold flashcarts), and while NL has been very much anti-piracy, the forums have been fairly anti-China with regards to buying Nintendo products (mainly because a few of us have already been burned by sellers from HK and China with counterfeit products). that'd be my guess, at least.

... or perhaps it's the blog posts? i mean, hasn't China blocked blogs before? Perhaps they found SSBFan1999's blog thread subversive, lol... ;3

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