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I'm somewhere with only a wired connection, so I popped in my Nintendo Wi-Fi Adapter Connecter thingy into my computer. I'm running Windows 7, but the software for the adapter is running in a Windows XP Mode VM. This has worked fine before, but now if I try to connect, it shows my 3DS's name (Shane), and I accept it. When I run the connection test, it works for a while, but towards the end of the test, the connection drops. On the registration tool, the name Shane turns to boxes. I get the error 003-1104 on my 3DS.


Anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have a solution?



If you are using the Nintendo Wi-fi adapter made a few years ago by Buffalo Technologies well than you are out of luck. The adapter will only work with computers running Windows XP 32bit. A patch was going to come out for Vista but for whatever reason the adapter was disconnected before the patch could even be made. So my suggest is to find a computer with Windows XP 32 bit.

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