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...I was hoping to install this thing without issues on my grandparent's computer (no wireless router), but...this just does not want to install. I'll try and list all the problems I'm having, I need help...this is irritating. :/
Problem #1: Vista (oh my gawd)
#2: It SEEMS to work fine until the end, at that point it ends up with an error stating that I need to plug the adapter in...which I already done at the beginning of the installation. o.0
#3: Vista seems to want to install the driver itself...and fails...and when I try to ignore it...the installing still fails. lol

So, anybody can help me with this? I've tried everything, I did what it told me to, disable firewall/antivirus. Tried BOTH driver versions on N's site that supports Vista...I'm running out of ideas, what's causing this? Or is Vista just being retarded and there's nothing I can do? T.T
Hopefully someone will be able to help me knock some sense into this stupid OS, lol.
Thanks in advance.
(I posted in here instead of contacting Nintendo mainly because by the time they respond, I'll most likely be back home at the end of the week and the eply becomes pointless. I get more help from you guys anyway. )

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If you are running the 64 bit version of Vista than thats your problem. Nintendo only released the drivers for the 32 bit version of Vista before they discontinued the USB adapter.

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Yeah, it's a real handful getting the Official WiFi USB Connector running anymore, Nintendo just left it to die.

A trick you can try with Vista / Windows 7 - before installing it, right click on the .exe installation program, and check the box that says something about "run as a Vista program". Also allow "full access" to all users or something along those lines. I successfully got it running on Windows 7 after jumping through a few hoops - 32 bit version though. - where serious gamers have fun with their puppies

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Which is why I got a router...saves you all this, and it works on tons of things.


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I know the frustrating you're having because i had the EXACT same problem with Windows 7 64-bit. Believe it or not, the only thing that works for me is MS Virtual PC and XP Mode; It's sort of like a backwards compatibility tool. You'll need tos elect your verion of Windows and your language, download those 3 things there, install. Now it should automatically open the window from there for you after installing. (any other time you wanna find it in your programs in a folder called Windows Virtual PC, then Windows XP Mode) Basically what you'll wanna do from there is download and install the USB WiFi software from within XP mode, just like you're using XP as your regular operating system, but maybe delete the WiFi adaptor from your devices in Windows Vista 1st. (that's what I did anyway to make sure). When it asks you to plug the adaptor in, you're gonna need to go under the USB menue on top and select the adaptor, in which you'll next to it it'll say attatch. (and any time you're not using the adaptor, do that again and you'll notice it says release, unless you unplug the adaptor yourself) lastly, if for some odd reason it appears to time out in the middle of installing because i know it did for me, you can always end task the WiFi adaptor software install, unplug the adaptor and then restart it. (just remember about that USB menue) Also, when using remember too before shutting the actual computrer down, unplug/release the adaptor, then shut down Virtual PC Mode in Virtual PC under the Ctrl+Alt+Del menue, the options arepretty straight foward there. Hope this helps!

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I have tried to set up the adapter with xp virtual machine as suggested in post 6 but when i log onto it it cannot connect to the internet any idea on how i can get it working?



Yea, I sometimes tend to forget this step myself if i ever have to reinstall it. What it is is XP mode's Windows firewal interfering. (Shouldn't be a problem on your actual OS outside of XP mode, though, unless you have software using a firewall) What you need to do, again in XP mode in the Virtual Machine, go to Start > Control Panel > Security Center, then scroll down to Manage security settings for, where you'll find Firewall. Click that, then inthe window that pops up set the dot next to off, then click OK. that should solve the connection problem there.

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