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Every once in a while throughout the weeks I'll notice Nintendo Video on the Nintendo 3DS has a little notification for new videos, and I'll go to the menu, check the video it indicates as new, only to find a video there I've already seen before. Anyone else ever notice that?

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This happens to me all the time! Usually, it's an update containing a video I already have. Recently, they are sending me "reruns." In other words, I've received Dinosaur Office and BearShark again. This isn't a bad thing, though. I missed out on Dinosaur Office because I didn't have a 3DS when that video came out, so it was nice to finally see it. Plus, BearShark is my favorite of the Nintendo Video.... videos.

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I noticed it with the Bear Shark thing, thinking that it was a new "episode" or something....nope. T.T

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yea i noticed that too with both of those, few others but I don't remember exactly which 1s. the only other thing I don't like about Nintendo Video, is where are the advertisement videos, like maybe game retailer ads or something? I thought I read somewhere that it was part of the type of content we'd be seeing.

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For some reason, it does that. But anyway, it's nothing to worry about. I'm not sure why either, though.

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It's annoying. :l



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