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Hey i got my Nintendo 3DS about 6 months ago and was wondering if you could play multiplayer but i'm not sure how to. I'm not sure the games i have got have a online multiplayer mode.


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I don't think none of those do. You should buy Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising if you want good online multiplayer games.



How do I download the software update for Mario Kart 7? How do I find my user friend code to share with others on the MK7 community? I'm so new to all of this mumbo jumbo lol I need help.

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well,@Arcticbird. for the first question i got a solution: go to nintendo eshop. then, type mario kart 7. now you must see it right next mario kart 7 game.
for the second question: i dont have the game, but i think in settings.

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@ArcticBird The 3DS friend code is universal. Friend them on the system, you friended them in-game.

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