Topic: New 3DS XL: Slight popping sound, blue light (EDIT: Bottom screen doesn't work)

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So I've known that this is an issue that might have something to do with speakers. here's what I've done
Checked the speaker cables on the top LCD screen, no tears
Reseated all cables several times, on one occasion the hard to get to cable was reseated and I got only the top screen working but bottom screen was black with backlight on.
Reseated the hard to get to cable again and now there is no screen at all and back to square one.
Attempted merely cleaning out battery prongs, nothing.
Tried on just a charger and same thing happened
Tried with and without SD card that has CFW

I am completely out of ideas and would really appreciate any help whatsoever, I possibly have done one of the troubleshooting methods incorrectly and would appreciate any help what so ever.
EDIT: I also forgot to mention that there are some clips that are broken too that hold down the ribbon cables.
EDIT 2: I have somehow gotten the top screen to work, I just need to power it on at a certain angle. The bottom screen only has a backlight on but there is no image nor is there any response to anything.

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@Mingdug it’s the ribbon cable I had similar problem in the past.

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@1UP_MARIO Which ribbon cable would that possibly be, since I'm thinking of the speaker ribbon cables. If you are speaking about the speaker ribbon cables I've actually reseated many times but they do have slight dents in them, but on time I got the top screen to work by reseating it many times.



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