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Hello folks. I've run into a bit of a unique problem. For some months now, my girlfriend and I have been sharing the same 3DSXL between the two of us, playing under my profile. Now that we've actually built a fair few games into our 3DS library (mostly through the eshop), I've gone and purchased a new 3DS for her so we don't have to wait until the other is done with the game before the other can play. I'm attempting to move some individual games over to her 3DS, ones that she purchased that I will never play (Crimson Shroud, Harvest Moon), while keeping the games that I've purchased on my 3DS (mostly just Fire Emblem, it's the only one I've purchased myself off the eshop). However, each time I try to find any information on how to do this, I'm given the option to transfer all or nothing. Is there no way to move individual games between the 3DS if I own both of them? I'd rather not be forced to purchase any games again, as money is rather tight and buying a second 3DS was actually a tough decision on its own.



I think it's an all or nothing thing. Don't take my word for it though, someone might know something I don't.
This is one of the downsides of not having an account based system unfortunately. Nintendo needs to do something about that.


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Ah. Well, maybe I can reach out to Nintendo about a refund, so we can buy the game on the right system...doubtful, but here's hoping.



I've reached out to Nintendo and explained the situation. They've reversed the charges on the eshop, transferred the refunded balance over to the newer system, and we're now happily playing our 3DS side by side without any further issues. I suppose this topic is complete.

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Glad everything worked out for ya. If you want you can hit the contact link down at the bottom of the page and contact a Mod to lock this thread if its complete for you.

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Glad to hear Nintendo was able to resolve everything for you! :3

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