Topic: Need help with 3DS XL Charger Port Issue

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Hello, I am new to these forums, so I apoliguise if this is in the wrong area for these type of questions, I have a red 3ds xl, I got in feb-march and I love it just got shin megami tensei IV and fire emblem a month earlier, and I am not sure if I just never noticed it , or whatever but when I plug in my charger to the 3ds xl itself, there's a considerable amount of play to it, i mean there's a point where its snug but when its all the way in it wiggles around and is some what easy to pull out. Now I never lose a connection while charging, it stays in for the most part, and I can play with it in, I am just concerned if I should be worried or if this is common on these units, any feedback is helpful thanks ahead of time



i think that's common. sometimes my charger resists going into the port. Do you know your friendcode? mines 4441-9172-6626

tumblr's better...

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thanks for the response, I think I have it on my account, its some what nice to hear though, cause I have a terrible streak of getting defective handhelds I always seem to get one with a issue, dead pixel. scratched screen, etc.



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