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Everything seems to work fine, now. Thank you for your hard work, Ant!
Hmmm. Interesting that the source code still have BST, but it's not showing anymore.
(time class="dated" datetime="2013-06-03T03:40:26+00:00")Mon 3rd Jun 2013 04:40 BST(/time)

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@Jaz007 It should be working fine in IE8 now, that older browser didn't have support for the date format I was using

@ramstrong yeah, the source will show our local time for the server, we're then using javascript onload to adjust to the user's current local time. This allows us to be more aggressive with our caching, we used to convert on the fly on the server side.

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Huh, it's working for me now as well. Thanks Ant!

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Yeah, it's wprking fine now. Thans Ant.



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