Topic: My Dsi Is acting weird!

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Well Im sure a lot of you have this problem.........the L and R button. Well my buttons are broken and I've tried blowing into them but thats what caused the problem. Well it happened when I was making a flipnote on the Dsi and I needed the L button to work so I blew in It and now its acting strange What I think happened is that the L button got stuck down but how do I take it out?



I would not take the button out.

Blowing into them causes condensation to get in there, which isn't good. It will work well for a while, then harm it a bit. Try some compressed air.

If you have a warranty still, consider sending it into Nintendo. That's what I had to do when mine did that. They say about 10 days is how long it is to get a repair, but it only took about a week for me.



I cleaned my gameboy that way


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