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Anybody else have this browser? In the past I've never had much problems with this thing...but now, for no real reason, it randomly freezes up for several seconds. No error windows or anything, computer itself is perfectly fine. But the browser becomes unresponsive for a few. Know anything that may be causing this?
Only add ons I have is AdBlock and Avast. (I think something Logitech related too, dunno if that thing is really necessary though...) Anyways its kinda annoying.


Have you updated it? It told me last night that there was an update waiting.


Yeah it updated, a couple of times before...but its still happening. Didn't make any changes or anything recently, so I'm kinda...lost here.


firefox has been getting worse at every update since earlier in this year it takes just too much RAM for a browser and freezes sometimes. I've started using google chrome since then.

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I've been having a few problems as well. Random freezes, Flash being unresponsive and I've had to reinstall multiple times due to the browser simply not working. But last time I checked my computer hates Chrome for some stupid reason, and I refuse to use Internet Explorer.

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That tends to happen to me when (a) i wake up my netbook from hibernation, or (b) i've got too many things running in the background. On my old laptop i used to be able to have GmailAssistant running, it would pop up and tell me whenever i had an e-mail waiting in my inbox, but now on my netbook I can't run it without experiencing crazy Firefox slowdown.

A couple years ago, i remember Firefox had a nasty memory leak going for some reason and you'd have to close the browser entirely and re-open it every so often to clear the memory cache, otherwise it'd just run and run and run until your whole system locked up on you (took a few days to happen, iirc). nowadays I still close FF entirely via Task Manager if i notice it's being a spectacular pain in the rear re: slowdown and freezing. YMMV, of course. :3

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Yeah I dunno what's going on with it, I looked up some troubleshooting site and tried something...hoping it fixes it. Really don't wanna use another browser, lol


I use Firefox, I have a new rig with Windows 8, but the old PC I had (Windows XP) would always freeze with Firefox.

With this new machine I have no problems at all. Very rarely it may get stuck a few seconds, but not often enough to be an issue to me.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Well whatever I did seemed to work, guess one of the files was corrupted, so it was causing random freezes. After I did that no freezes,, yeah...
If anyone is having random freeze-ups (that lasts only about 5 seconds or something) you may need to do what I did, just let me know.


Hey, could you post your fix?
I get these random freezes, which occur more frequently the longer I browse. The memory usage gets quite high aswell (more than 1.250.000) and yeah, freezes lasting about 3 seconds every other moment. Were you able to move the mouse? I can, Firefox will just not respond to typing or mouse-movement or clicks for that short period.



If you're really having the same problem as me, then you'll have to change the name of a certain file. (I don't quite understand it, but whatever, lol.
Go to Troubleshooting Info in the Help tab, and on the page where it says "Show folder" then click that. Then look for "places.sqlite" and add ".old" to it and restart the browser.
For me apparently that file was causing problems and this basically creates a new one. (you'll lose browsing history though, but that's about it)


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