Topic: Minecraft need plot world server with tnt explosions allowed (i know its not Nintendo but it is a problem

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well, i watched a video on how to make in vannila minecraft a wall in wich if you throw a splash potion of harming it explodes. i wanted to impress people online with this, so i want to find a public plotwornd creative server in wich you can light tnt (tnt minecarts) and it will cause an explosion destroying blocks IN YOUR OWN PLOT. PS: if you arent allowed to put non nintendo game problems, then i will delete this thread and pass it over to the other games section



Welcome to Nintendolife, Seba. We have no issue with talking about non-Nintendo games here on NL (the Other Gaming board is for exactly that :3). However, as Geonjaha pointed out, please post your Minecraft questions in the existing Minecraft thread. Thanks!

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