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Ever since I've booted up Miiverse, I've noticed I've never had an avatar display properly on my side bar.

Now after having a friend request accepted and looking for myself in their friend list, I still don't have an avatar - only a blank white box with a white question mark and little blue box in the middle. This is alongside a whole list of people who do happen to have an avatar display properly.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.


Same problem here. No idea what it can be. The first few times I think it was working as expected, but since yesterday it only shows the question mark instead of the mii face.

I tried changing miis but that didn't work...



@edhe Still the same, just a question mark. Miiverse seems to be working fine apart from this. I just wonder if the posts show the proper avatar, I guess they do.

I hope a future update will deal with this. Until then, unless someone finds a way of fixing this, I'll just try to ignore it the best I can...



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